Vulnerability in Relationships

Vulnerability in Relationships

Welcome to the sixth day of the 2019 Love Blog Challenge! Today’s prompt is Vulnerability. Check out the announcement post for all the prompts and rules this month. You can still join the link-up for yesterday’s topic, Best Friends

Vulnerability in relationships. An important topic, and one that I’m not sure how to address today. Luckily when I create the prompts for the Love Blog Challenge, I ask additional questions to spark creativity.


What does vulnerability mean to you?

Vulnerability goes beyond honesty. You can be honest with someone while still not revealing who you truly are as a human being. Vulnerability means opening up. When you’re vulnerable, you trust someone else with all the inner workings of your heart. You give someone the ability to hurt you, knowing (or at least hoping) that person won’t use your vulnerability against you.

Why is vulnerability important in relationships?

If you can’t let your guard down with someone, there will always be a barrier in your relationships. Vulnerability in relationships is especially important for romantic relationships, but it’s also necessary for close friendships. If you can’t be yourself with your closest friends and family, when can you ever be yourself?

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How do you allow yourself to be vulnerable with loved ones?

In my relationships, vulnerability includes talking about my struggles with Crohn’s Disease, with grief, and with depression. Dan knows the most about my problems, which is only logical since he’s my husband. But I also talk to my dad and to my friends.

Of course, vulnerability isn’t just about sharing the hard parts of life. It also includes opening up about your hopes and dreams!

How do you respond to someone else’s vulnerability?

With acceptance and an open mind! Sometimes vulnerability looks like confession. It’s not always pretty. But my role as a loved one means withholding judgment. It means listening. I also try to be vulnerable in return.

I remember one night many years ago with my best friend. She knew I was going through a hard time, so she invited me over for dinner. We spent hours talking, and crying, and laughing. We shared some really hard things from our past, things that still impacted us in the present.

Vulnerability in action often looks like give and take. Strong relationships involve reciprocity.

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I know this post is a little shorter than what I usually write! Blogging five days a week is a lot of work.

What do you think of vulnerability in relationships?

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