A God Who Still Does Miracles

God Who Still Does Miracles

On an unusually sunny Tuesday in December, we dressed up a bit and whispered healing words, heartfelt promises, and holy vows. A million prayers. A miracle answer. A marriage restored.

Art and I renewed our wedding vows in our backyard surrounded by those who’ve walked closest with us these last few years. It was so personal and meaningful to seal our commitment in the very place we can once again do daily life together.

It hasn’t been easy or simple, and I still cry over what was. I still find myself wishing the hurt wasn’t part of our story.

I also wish that hurt wasn’t part of anyone’s relationship story. I know for some of you that you prayed, and hoped, and worked, and tried everything you could but the reconciliation never came. If I could sit with you right now, I would weep with you and simply say, “I’m so sorry. I don’t understand either.”

I wouldn’t offer you plastic sounding answers. God doesn’t want to be explained away, He wants to be invited in. So, we would just invite His presence and ask Him to help. Redemption is possible even when reconciliation is not.

Throughout this long process of healing, God has whispered deep into my soul, “I haven’t ‘cursed’ you with this. I’ve ‘entrusted’ you with this.”

May we all be found fiercely faithful no matter how our stories go.

And may we never doubt we serve a God who still does miracles. Sometimes they look like we hoped but other times it comes in the most unexpected unfolding.

Trust that only God knows the full story. He is working. He is hearing and shifting and intervening and convicting and stirring and doing what only He can do.

God does some of His best work in the unseen.




Written by Lysa TerKeurst

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